Wednesday, November 20, 2013

James Bloodworth on Labour and immigration, published on the Progress website

An inconclusive article by James Bloodworth on Labour and immigration, published on the Progress website:

Interestingly he quotes a recent survey:  YouGov’s poll for this week’s Sunday Times found:  ‘72 per cent say the rules on immigration from countries inside the EU are not tight enough and should be strengthened. Only 31 per cent of us accept the argument put forward by some economists and business leaders that immigration in recent years has been good for Britain’s prosperity; 57 per cent think our economy, and not just social harmony, has suffered.’

" do you quantify the way people feel about their changing community, for example?"  James Bloodworth wonders.  The answer is so simple one is embarrassed to point it out.  All you have to do Mr Bloodworth is ask the people born in a particular locality (including the ones who have moved away after the migration has occurred) how they feel about the way their community has changed.

"we are already stuck with the free movement of capital" he tells us, ignoring that fact that it would be perfectly possible to control the movement of capital through exchange controls.  Indeed, the left might be surprised at how popular a reintroduction of exchange controls might be (it was right to lift them thirty years ago, but the world has changed considerably since then).  Exchange controls would be an effective way of controlling global capital (and don't give me that guff about investors taking their money out of the United Kingdom - we are too large a market for them to ignore).

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