Saturday, November 30, 2013


Ian Birrell writes an incoherent article about immigration in today's Guardian:

The hostile climate to immigration today has been caused precisely because for decades the establishment having been showing "leadership" by ignoring the democratic will of the ordinary people (in every test of opinion since 1945 the overwhelming majority have said they want immigration to stop).

You do not have to talk to many people to gauge the exasperation and anger that politicians still don't get the message.

What is it going to take Mr Birrell?

How far do you and the rest of the smug self-satisfied elite intend to provoke the people?

Or perhaps you think you can provoke the people as much as you like as they will never turn on you?

"Sordid", "stinking", "rancid" - these are all words I would use about your article Mr Birrell.

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