Monday, November 04, 2013

Dean Burnett is being provocative

Dean Burnett writes in the Guardian a 1,219 word article on why immigration is "essential" without once mentioning democratic consent.

And yet post-war immigration has always been opposed by the majority of the population in every test of public opinion.

You cannot ignore the wishes of the majority and continue to claim the United Kingdom is a democracy, which is why the issue is of such burning importance.

Of course I realise that Dean Burnett is being provocative.

Let me be equally provocative and outline an easy, straightforward three-point plan to reverse post-war immigration:

Stage one - a referendum asking the people whether they want to reverse post-war immigration.

Stage two - use the Census data for 1951 to 2011 to identify post-war immigrants together with their descendants and dependants (the Census gives every individual's place of birth together with family relationships, and combining the data will identify over 90% of the post-war immigrant communities).

Stage three - use the tax system to remove any incentive for these individuals to remain in the United Kingdom, effectively giving them the status of failed asylum seekers.

I would much prefer that things should not come to this point.  I would much prefer that the problem of immigration is addressed by stopping any new immigration and assimilating all existing immigrant communities.  But Dean Burnett and the rest of the pro-immigration lobby should be aware that they are not the only people who can calmly and rationally propose outrageous and provocative policies should the need arise.

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