Friday, October 11, 2013

The left will only stop trying this strategy if we start doing the same

On the whole I thought yesterday's Immigration Bill was excellent.

However the Daily Express is reporting that Unite's Len McClusky is already planning to make the legal duties contained in the bill unworkable.

We should not be surprised at this.

Len McClusky is skilled at gerrymandering the political system - within his union, within the Labour Party, and within the wider British political process.

Like an inverse King Midas he corrupts everything he touches.

Of course, he wants open door unrestricted immigration because he knows that the vast majority of those immigrants will vote Labour and irrevocably change the political complexion of the United Kingdom government.

I sometimes think the left will only stop trying this strategy if we start doing the same.

For instance, we could (quietly, with no fuss) identify a quarter million of the very poorest white people in South Africa and Zimbabwe and encourage them to move to the United Kingdom for asylum reasons or under a special "humanitarian" policy the Home Office can covertly devise.

The quarter million white Southern Africans are then directed to the 50 top marginal constituncies where they are given priority access to the best social housing (decanting out the Labour proles who might already be living there) and fast-track no-questions-asked access to state benefits.

Any opposition from Labour should be shouted down with screams of "racist racist racist" - this needs to be planned in advance to neutralise opposition.

Make sure that the new immigrants are aware of Labour's historic antipathy towards white South Africans - this needs to be hammered home so that they feel under threat.

Next election watch as 50 formerly marginal constituencies become safe Conservative seats with average 5,000 majority.

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