Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teachers in our classrooms have the proper qualifications

Press release just issued by the Labour Party:

In this press release Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt says:  "Labour has been very clear: all teachers must be qualified. So next week, we will call a vote in Parliament to make sure teachers in our classrooms have the proper qualifications."

It sounds innocuous enough.  Who could argue with more qualifications for teachers?  Except that this is not as innocent as it seems.

By "proper qualifications" Labour means teachers must go through the established teacher training regime.

And the established teacher training regime produces (indeed one could say indoctrinates) new teachers with all the old leftist baggage of state-is-good comprehensive-is-good all-the-kids-must-have-prizes ideology that the free schools are trying to escape from.

PS I was amused to read Tristram Hunt's press release just after reading Mark Ferguson's article on LabourList earlier today in which he says (echoing Alastair Campbell) that the Shadow Cabinet are limited by the "two Eds" to sending out press releases instead of developing any real policies that might make the two Eds look lightweight:

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