Thursday, October 24, 2013

Russell Brand on Newsnight yesterday

Shambolic interview with so-called comedian Russell Brand on Newsnight yesterday.

In his quest to be ever-more outrageous Russell Brand called for a revolution to overturn democracy and usher in a socialist society.

Presumably the idiot thinks that revolutions only come from the left.

In any breakdown of society that would precede a revolution it is very unclear what new authority would emerge.  It is perfectly possible for radical right-wing revolutionaries to seize power.  Indeed, faced with a choice between a Chairman Mao figure and a General Franco figure is it not likely that the ordinary people will favour stability and order over a disruptive socialist year zero?

As a Conservative I do not want any change to our democratic system.  Revolutions are anathema to me.  I broadly like things the way they are.

But in the fantasy world of whoopie-cushion revolutionary politics that Russell Brand conjures up, is it not ironic to contemplate Mr Brand calling for a revolution and then getting one he did not like - indeed, one that dealt very abrasively with non-conformists such as Russell Brand.

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