Thursday, October 24, 2013

Politicians "pandering to public anger"

In an article about immigration Cathy Newman (Channel 4 News) talks about politicians "pandering to public anger":

Does it not occur to Cathy Newman to ask why the public are angry in the first place?

Ever since the Second World War the public have said NO to immigration.

On every survey in which their opinion has been sought, on the issue of immigration the public say NO by a huge majority.

And yet it keeps happening.

Is it any wonder that the public are angry?

We are supposed to be a democracy right?

That was what the Second World War was all about wasn't it?

And yet on the biggest issue of social change the public have been ignored.

This is a highly provocative act by the political establishment.

And the only answer is for the public to be equally provocative and insist:  none of the post-war immigration is legitimate, and none of the post-war immigrants (together with their descendants and dependants) have any legitimate status in the United Kingdom.

There is no need to get angry about immigration. 

There is no need to get violent (the pro-immigration lobby love violence as that allows them to say people opposed to immigration are just racists). 

If you are not happy about immigration all you have to do is insist that the democratic will of the people on the subject of immigration is respected and implemented (you also have the personal option of withdrawing your co-operation from any aspect of immigration you are presented with in your everyday life).

Insist on the democratic will of the people and I promise you that immigration will have to be reversed - every single bit of it.

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