Monday, October 14, 2013


Is the BBC slipping back into its old fakery ways?

There is an intriguing image that pops up in a BBC film about discrimination in the London housing market:

What is the provenance of this photograph?  Who was the photographer and when and where was it taken?  The reason I ask is that it looks so obviously faked.  It looks as if an existing notice in a window has been photoshopped and somewhat clumsily had a new message put on, with none of the variations in tone that you would expect in an unedited photograph.  Because the image has been inserted into a film there is no clue as to where this photograph has come from.  And such an inflammatory image would surely be well-known would it not?  If it was genuine we would see it everywhere.  Diane Abbott MP would be referring to it on Question Time.  Lee Jasper would be repetitively twittering about it day after day.

If it turns out to be a fake whoever was responsible at the BBC needs to be sacked.

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