Tuesday, October 08, 2013

"If I say the word MILIBAND what image comes into your mind..."

On the Today programme this morning the BBC's Political Editor Nick Robinson said David Miliband when he meant Ed. 

It was a error made last Saturday on Dateline London by Saul Zadka of Al Lon ("David Miliband" very slight pause as if he had registered his mistake "AND his brother" continuing the point).

The name "Ed" is not foremost in the mind when people discuss the leader of the Labour party - even for very experienced and professional commentators such as Nick Robinson and Saul Zadka.

If these people are experiencing confusion, what hope is there for the ordinary voter?

"If I say the word MILIBAND what image comes into your mind - quickly quickly just say what comes into your mind..."

And what comes into the mind seems to be the name David.

In part this must be because of lack of differentiation between Ed Miliband and David Miliband.

Even after all this time and all this effort.

It must be very worrying for the Labour party.

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