Saturday, October 26, 2013

I am finding that no-one stops me


I kept myself busy during the morning with lots of little tasks and also replying to e-mails from Head Office.  But in truth had I chosen to do nothing, no-one would have bothered me so lax is Director Callum Smith.  I have also begun initiating campaigns myself, without any reference to the Institute's overall policy, and I am finding that no-one stops me (if anything, the rest of the team seem glad that someone is taking a lead).


Callum Smith and myself met with a ideas-generator sent down from Head Office.  As you might expect, he was an extrovert know-it-all.  Abi Reed (Surveys Manager) and Tim Watts (Innovation Manager) were also in this meeting.

I sat at my usual place at the Board table, and the meeting under Callum Smith was much more gentlemanly than the former blue sky meetings held by Vijay Singh (when he would cover the white boards with incomprehensible scribble).  The meeting marred however by the ideas-generator who would not stop talking!  He ruined his case through over-talking so that the whole meeting turned against him and we just wanted him gone.


Bored this morning, I composed an e-mail questionnaire and sent it out to one of the key databases and within minutes the most astonishing responses came back so that I felt I had a genuine insight.  I briefly wondered whether I should involve anyone else and decided to keep it to myself and work on it until someone told me to stop.  In the afternoon I drafted a factsheet based on the research and asked the admin team to duplicate it and send it out to a list of opinion-formers.


I have been asked to write another short story, dramatising one of Head Office's initiatives.  I find this sort of work very easy, and wrote one and a half thousand words in about three hours.  When I looked it over later I felt it didn't need any revising so I just pinged it off to Alec Nussbaum.

The system down again - whenever this happens I am just stuck and can't get on with anything.

In the afternoon I worked on my report for the management meeting tomorrow.  The upper floor was deserted with only myself and Jutta the German receptionist in the office.  Jutta is full of surprises - she played Saint Saens Sampson et Delilah on YouTube at full volume.


Gary (assistant in the Reading Room) is ill with food poisoning, and Matthew (other assistant in the Reading Room)  complaining that he cannot keep up with all of the Head Office requests for articles and newspaper cuttings.  Deputy Director Marcia Walsh told him he would be able to find things easier if the shelves were not in such a mess.  Matthew is one of the dullest people imaginable, and yet he is supposed to be having an affair with Jutta (who must be ten years older than him).

All the management team assembled at 10am for the Management Meeting, the first since September.  Callum Smith began the meeting by telling us that he was standing down as Director, as soon as a replacement could be found.  The individual reports were rather subdued after such an announcement.

Lunchtime a buffet meal was brought in, the food not terribly nice.

I went to my desk and checked my e-mails.  Katie in Accounts (a spiteful sloaney young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes) was mocking Stuart, a temp working in the warehouse while Gary is away.  He is too shy to talk to her - tongue-tied and obviously wanting to get away from her.

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