Friday, October 11, 2013

Hand out food parcels to the starving

According to the Today programme this morning the British Red Cross is contributing to emergency food relief in the United Kingdom, which I suppose puts us on a par with Haiti and Syria.

You might feel alarmed that society in the United Kingdom is presumably near collapse if the Red Cross needs to hand out food parcels to the starving.

And then you might notice that British Red Cross Chief Executive Sir Nick Young held a sinecure NHS "modernisation" position under the last Labour government as well as a sinecure position with the (now discredited) Office of the Third Sector (part of the Cabinet Office under Labour) and has spoken nostalgically about the Labour period of government as "a golden age".

Is it not a disgrace that the Labour party has been voted out of office and yet their former apparatchiks are still controlling major charitable institutions like the British Red Cross and carrying out political stunts such as this?

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