Sunday, October 20, 2013


Above:  a major interview with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson was published in yesterday's Guardian.  The assumptions are what you would expect from such an interview, and in such a newspaper.  However I feel bound to say that I am no wiser as to what Tommy Robinson has done that justifies such excessive discussion about his possible redemption.

He has expressed unfashionable views.  He has taken part in demonstrations (all demonstrations are fatuous in my opinion).  He is supposed to have inculcated "fear" among communities who all too often resort to special pleading when faced with opposition.

Above:  indeed if we look back to March 2009 we see that most of the United Kingdom were expressing what would later become the cornerstone of EDL views.

However, the EDL is reported as having changed over the years.  It has attracted extremists.  It has become so extreme that Mr Robinson feels he can no longer remain a member.

Above:  in today's Observer is a letter about the activity of undercover police teams who infiltrate "extreme" organisations and destabilise them by encouraging ever-more extreme, offensive and illegal behaviour.  We associate this police activity as being within left-leaning organisations.  But it does occur to me whether the extremists who undermined the EDL might have been police agents.

Of course, I realise that writing impartially about the EDL means I will be accused of being a racist sympathiser, but one learns to discount this sort of intimidation.

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