Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Cultural Catholicism"

Is it not alarming the way in which the Labour Party is targetting immigrant communities and making implied promises that society will be tailored towards them if they vote Labour?

Baroness Margaret McDonagh (General Secretary of the Labour Party from 1998 to 2001, and her sister is Siobhain McDonagh MP for Mitcham and Morden) was talking to a largely Irish audience at a meeting organised by Progress at London Irish Centre in Camden yesterday:



What does Margaret McDonagh mean by the extensive involvement of "cultural Catholicism"? (Is this code for Labour policy towards the monarchy?  Is it a hint about Labour policy towards Northern Ireland?  Is it an indication of Labour's policy on the Establishment of the Church of England?).  

Why does Labour talk officially about integration of migrants, and yet unofficially is telling migrant communities they are special and can expect special treatment in terms of "social political outlook"?  

There is more of this sectarian gerrymandering planned by the Labour Party aimed at Asian, Chinese and Jewish migrant communities:  

This should be seen in the context of overwhelming levels of immigration, including an open-door policy under the last Labour government.  

The Conservative Party needs to wake up and see what is happening here.  In particular we must end the ability for Irish Republic and Commonwealth incomers to vote in British elections.  Otherwise what has happened to the Republican Party in America is going to happen to us.  

It does not take many immigrants per marginal constituency to turn the seat Labour, especially if individuals such as Baroness McDonagh are going round promising them the earth if they only vote Labour.

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