Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A slighting reference to boiled cabbage was made

In the jokey spot at the end of the Today programme this morning, where they usually discuss trivial subjects (or serious subjects in a trivial way) there was a discussion about English cooking.

There was an assumption that English cuisine was bland and boring, and a slighting reference to boiled cabbage was made (although personally I like well-boiled cabbage and cannot stand "crispy" vegetables).

What was noticeable about the discussion was that none of the participants was English-heritage.  The presenter was Asian-heritage (and made the slighting remark about cabbage), one of the contributors was Jewish-heritage and the other was Italian-heritage.  Of course you do not need to be English-heritage to discuss an aspect of English culture but considering the premise of the discussion (that there was a "problem" with English cooking) it did seem insensitive, even for the jokey throwaway spot.

Everyone has their likes and dislikes.

To me Asian cuisine consists of smelly nauseating slops.  But usually I refrain from saying so.  And certainly there would be an outcry if I were to say so on national radio.

And on the subject of cultural sensitivities, I feel an opportunity was missed on the Today programme this morning when Greg Dyke was interviewed and was not invited to comment on the disgusting whiteness of the Polish national football team.

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