Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A dark day for Grangemouth

The Grangemouth complex is to close with very significant job losses.

It is a dark day for Grangemouth.

In this article, published a few minutes ago, Eric Joyce MP gives his thoughts on the Grangemouth tragedy (for it is a tragedy for the people who have lost their jobs):

"... instead of engaging with the situation and organising a coherent plan to save jobs, Unite called a strike over a pathetic and petty issue related to Labour Party internal politics".

"...the company’s offer was rejected following the stupidest of strikes for the most idiotic of reasons".

"Workers at Ineos need proper union representation – right now, they’re getting the fumbling, dumbed-down, politicised opposite."

Is it possible that Unite have gone too far this time?

This is the Unite that controls the Labour Party.

What has Ed Miliband got to say now?

Surely he can see that accepting Unite money has tainted the Labour Party and made him silent at the very time he should have been urging conciliation to save all those jobs at Grangemouth.

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