Thursday, August 22, 2013

The stuff is coming from within the Labour party

Celebrity Bonnie Greer writes in the Huffington Post an 804 word article entitled Ed Miliband Polls: We're Being Played.

However 284 words of the 804 word article are an entirely irrelevant meandering account of American politics.  Why has this been tacked onto the front of a piece supposedly about Ed Miliband?  Is it just ballast to make up the word count?

The rest of the article does at least discuss British politics, but with hardly any relevance to Ed Miliband.  Instead Ms Greer just talks about how the Conservatives are in "deep trouble" (this is at a time when we have a Conservative Prime Minister, the economy is recovering, and one can hardly hear oneself think for the howls of lefties seeing their state-funded satrapies cut down to scale).  We are led to believe, against all the evidence of previous general elections, that the six point lead Labour have in the polls will remain firm as the election campaign gets under way and Labour is forced to present their policies to the electorate.

"So why is all this 'play the man not the ball' stuff rolling out from Tory HQ?" asks Bonnie Greer.

The "stuff" is not rolling out from Tory HQ Ms Greer.  The stuff is coming from within the Labour party - from the hard left, from the Blairite right, from the bemused activist foot-soldiers, from the Unite union, from old-timers like Blunkett and Prescott, even from celebrity lefty dilettantes such as yourself.  Indeed, did you not write on your Twitter microsite "wake the fuck up" with reference to Mr Miliband and the Labour front bench?

It seems you want to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds Ms Greer - and that is not an honourable position for you to be in, nor one that is going to win you any respect from your Labour friends. 

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