Friday, July 12, 2013

Owen Jones is going soft on the revolution

The newspaper review on BBC News 24 last night included Independent writer Owen Jones.

Presented with a picture of the Queen he described Her Majesty as a "kindly old lady".


Is he not supposed to denounce the Royal Family as "hypocritical conservatism, servility and sanctimoniousness"?  Isn't it "old rags, rubbish, the refuse of centuries"?  Would Lenin describe Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova Empress Consort of All the Russias as a kindly lady? 

What does Owen Jones even mean by the descriptor "lady"?

Is this not bourgeois language, designed to stunt the growth of proletarian consciousness?  Are not the Jones critics justified in their view that he does not represent the future of socialism but is merely a cringing lickspittle relic of the old regime?  If even Owen Jones is going soft on the revolution what hope is there for the Labour party?

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