Thursday, July 04, 2013

Lord Freud and foodbanks

On the whole I agree with Zoe Williams and her article about Lord Freud and foodbanks.

Except for the last paragraph.

How is Lord Freud "a Tory"?

He is a Vicar of Bray figure, cosying up to Labour when Labour was in power, insinuating himself into the Conservatives now the Conservatives are in a Coalition government.

Chairing a review here, advising a New Labour minister there, picking up a peerage along the way.

The Freud family are like that.

Part of the amorphous mass of self-interested self-obsessed people that float around the British establishment attaching themselves to whoever happens to be in power.

He might be technically a member of the Conservative party at this precise moment in time, but who knows where he will be post-2015.

Certainly you could not call him a Tory in the traditional understanding of that word.

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