Saturday, June 29, 2013

I wondered if she wanted the job herself - the past week at work


Temp Wilma (middle-aged, Welsh, capable) returned from holiday today to help with the massive mailshot the Admin Section are doing - twelve thousand booklets and letters into twelve thousand envelopes, having to do everything themselves because it is too sensitive to give to a mailing house.

"You were destined to do the mailshot" I told her (she had been trying to avoid it).

And at last the publication was delivered, although this was an anti-climax.

But mostly a boring day working on the two websites.


It was the day of the Management Meeting,  and as I was only due to go into the meeting at midday I spent the morning thinking up items I could talk about.

Lunchtime and I visited the local mall.  Then I returned to my desk and had a cup of tea. Then into the meeting.

First I talked about marketing, but in a very nebulous and non-specific way.  Then we discussed what we would do at the Conference in late September.  And at the end of the meeting the publication was discussed - there is a major error in the first section, but happily I was not responsible for that.


Immediately I arrived at the Institute this morning I wrote an errata for the publication and the Admin team printed out twelve thousand copies (four to a page) on the office printer, cutting them up by hand.

Open tensions leading to raised voices between Abi Reed (Surveys Manager) and Gladys Y (Office Manager) - I was quietly pleased to see two trouble-makers troubling each other.

Impromptu meeting to consider whether the Institute can get involved in the Citizen's Advice Bureaux conference in mid-June.

All around the office are signs of the great mailshot taking place.  I am staying well out of it.  Especially as Gladys Y (over-weight, obnoxious, belligerent) is becoming increasingly stressed by it all.

At the end of the working day a discussion with Marcia Walsh about what will happen when Vijay Singh finally leaves.  It seems unlikely that Alec Nussbaum will continue to manage the Institute directly.  Marcia Walsh seemed to think that she might have a chance of becoming Director (I annoyed her by saying I was probably the senior person in the Institute after Vijay Singh - not strictly true, but I didn't want Marcia Walsh to think she would just walk into the role).


Another management meeting lasting most of the day.  A sandwich lunch was brought in.  I asked how the new Director would be selected, but there was no real answer.

In the afternoon I drafted the text for three new leaflets.  But mostly I am up to date with all of my projects.  It was nice to sit quietly with a cup of tea and think creatively.

Heavy rain, so torrential that almost everyone on our floor went over to the windows to look out in awe.


Storage of the publication is becoming an issue and there have been complaints from users of the Reading Room (where they are being stored in towering heaps of boxes, blocking all movement and access). 

In the afternoon a meeting with Marcia Walsh and Abi Reed to discuss updating pages on the websites.  Abi Reed was sarcastic about the salary for the new co-ordinator of the Reading Room.  I wondered if she wanted the job herself.

Later sat at my desk and did nothing, and I was completely happy for a while.

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