Friday, March 01, 2013

St David's Day

Today is St David's Day.

Which makes me ask:  what does Wales mean to me?

The place of birth of my sister in Penarth.

Beer and chips in the Sarah Siddons pub in Brecon.

The fabulously hideous church at Brithdir.

Clambering on the walls at Harlech castle (ignoring the strictly no climbing on the walls signs).

The eerie atmosphere at Castell y Bere.

Coffees and ice creams on the terrace of the seaside hotel in Portmerion when we were all too lethargic to look around the arty village.

The passive menacing immobility of the deep cold water at Bala Lake.

The caravans on the coast at Borth.

The roast dinners at the Cambrian Hotel in Aberystwyth (where they served up whole roast onions with the roast potatoes).

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