Friday, March 01, 2013

Sheffield is to close the Don Valley Stadium

The Labour-controlled Council in Sheffield is to close the Don Valley Stadium.

This is significant on a number of levels.

It is a microcosm of socialist economic incompetence.

The stadium was constructed in the days of the "socialist republic of south Yorkshire" in an act of aggrandisement and hubris associated with the city's hosting of the World Student Games in 1991.

Despite warnings about it becoming an expensive white elephant, the Council insisted that the stadium went ahead, loading local taxpayers with debt far into the future.

The Games, as predicted, were a flop.

The stadium has had a half-life ever since.

Now it is to close and be demolished.

The debt remains.

The Labour Council is supposedly closing the stadium as a high-profile way of "highlighting" the Coalition's cuts, despite the significance the stadium has in Labour's self-reverencing mythology.

I am reminded of the Goya painting Saturn eating his own children.

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