Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Nothing will be done in any practical sense

Even before Yvette Cooper makes her speech on immigration the weasel words have begun and the pretence that tough action is planned whereas careful reading reveals that nothing will be done in any practical sense:


The key phrase in the article is:  "There has not been a single prosecution in the last two years" (and not just two years - the law has never been enforced since it was brought in).

During the period 1997 to 2010 the Labour administration was characterised by the passing of laws combined with a complete unwillingness or inability to enforce those laws.

These proposals seem to be more of the same.

Yvette Cooper needs to be asked what are the prison sentences she is proposing to deter the employment of illegal migrants or the flouting of the minimum wage laws.  Unless those prison sentences are effective they will not deter this behaviour.  She also needs to tell us what targets she is proposing for removal of illegal migrants, including where necessary the application of robust physical procedures to compel the removal of illegal migrants who refuse to co-operate with deportation.

Is it possible that Yvette Cooper does not really understand the extent of the problem?  The issue is not just EU migrants but a vast number of illegal migrants (including within a mile of my home Russians - how is it possible for Russians to get into the country?).  For instance, I could take her to a hotel in Peterborough where Indians and Moroccans are employed illegally with the Indian owner contemptuous of the law in this area.

But the real problem is that the Labour party is addicted to immigration as a way of bolstering their electoral support.  Until that stops nothing is going to be changed by any prospective Labour government.  To be credible they need to publicly commit their party to the principle of no further immigration without democratic consent (which means putting proposed immigration numbers upfront in a manifesto and asking the people to endorse it).

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