Monday, March 04, 2013

Concerns about migrants are not legitimate

If George Eaton, David Waring et al are so positive that there are no downsides to migration all they have to do is put it upfront in the Labour manifesto and ask people to vote for it.

It's all positive right?

So trust the people.

However they will never ever do this.


Because migration is an electoral scam designed to import people into the country that have a predilection to vote Labour.

The only answer to this gerrymandering is to say no migration can be valid without democratic consent, and no extension of the franchise to migrants can be valid without democratic consent.

As for the New Statesman article, they omit to tell you that given the fast-track to voting citizenship expedited by Labour 1997 to 2010 most of the migrants claiming benefits are not counted as migrants any more - they are counted as "UK nationals".

Co-editor of New Left Project David Waring tells us our concerns about migrants are not legitimate.  I'm afraid I read this Twitter comment as slightly menacing.  We know what happens to people who dare to question the premise of unrestricted immigration.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration tells us that Kevin Brennan has asked about plans in the event of mass migration from the Balkans.  How long before his own party is calling him a racist?  How long before David Waring tells him he has no legitimate right to be concerned?

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