Friday, March 01, 2013

All they can do is extract, exploit, and throw away

The Barking and Dagenham Post reports that Jon Cruddas is meeting with Tesco to try to persuade them to employ local people

He fails to understand that the "big four" supermarkets are a cartel and can never work in favour of the ordinary people.

All they can do is extract, exploit, and throw away.

Their entire business model is based on sell-by dated commodities that have built-in obsolescence.

Their profit-making ideology is based around "churn" - churn as a stimulus to sales, churn as motivator for growth, churn as a way of hiding what is really going on.

Therefore it is little surprise that the churn ideology is applied to employees, and that employees have an unofficial sell-by date after which they cease to have any value.

No-one can work for Tescos for any length of time without becoming cynical and disillusioned, and so it is imperative that the organisation refreshes its workforce at regular intervals.

Otherwise the organisation would rot from within.

Rather than try to negotiate with these people, politicians should introduce anti-trust style legislation that will break them up (and introduce zero rates and taxes for small High Street shops owned by individuals and families).

Labour's 2010 election campaign was launched by Gordon Brown in a big branch of Tesco.

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