Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Absolutely central to the left's strategy

Is Daniel Trilling (New Statesman) being intentionally ironic with this statement?

The left has certainly not ignored the cultural effects of migration.

The cultural effects of migration are absolutely central to the left's strategy to win elections (by encouraging the arrival of "disadvantaged" people they can easily persuade to vote Labour) and by destroying the cultural cohesiveness of conservative (small "c") England.

One has only to look at the whooping exaltation of the British left at the last American election when the American left won that election through sheer force of immigrant numbers - such that it is now considered impossible for any conservative candidate to win the American presidency.

Presumably this is what the left wants to happen here.

The outlook for conservatives (small "c" as well as big "C") is grim.

Disingenuous remark by Tony McNulty.  And like most expertly delivered disingenuous remarks it is half-true.  There has indeed been a cacophony of debate on immigration.  But that is all there ever is.  The public will on immigration is well known - indeed couldn't be better known except by the stupid and the willfully duplicitous.  And yet nothing happens.  Politicians "learn lessons" and "take things on board" but do nothing to enforce the public will - and the immigration goes on as before.

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