Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Understanding the B demographic 17

The attitude of the media towards the demographic is often criticised - even in so-called sympathetic newspapers (Guardian, Independent) the coverage is often patronising and unsympathetic.

Although the demographic believes itself to be uniquely disadvantaged, in real terms their standard of living is very much higher than that of their parents and grandparents (even allowing for relatively high rates of youth unemployment).

Many of the nominally unemployed are engaged in informal economic activity - unacknowledged and untaxed, and therefore unable to appear on any CV or formal job application.

Difficult to gauge the access the demographic has to guns - lots of talk, but it may just be braggadocio.

Almost all contacts knew someone in their age group who had committed suicide.

STDs are reportedly a growing problem, with little in the way of official help.

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