Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Perhaps Owen Jones is just genuflecting

Owen Jones, in his latest piece for the Independent, re-uses the phrase "swivel-eyed" - a favourite expression of his to apparently describe someone who provokes the disfavour of Owen Jones.  http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/as-tory-austerity-inflicts-misery-on-millions-labour-should-articulate-their-alternative-to-osbornomics-8508690.html

But what does "swivel-eyed" mean?  Is it some form of astigmatism? (in which case is Owen Jones mocking the disabled?).  Are swivel-eyed Thatcherites any different from swivel-eyed Bennites (Tony Benn certainly has a manic stare) or indeed swivel-eyed Blairites (Tony Blair's astigmatism is routinely ridiculed by the cartoonist Steve Bell)?

I am not an expert on evolution, and Brian Cox bores me to tears, but I thought the trilobite eye was a good thing?  It enabled creatures to see in several directions at once.  Predators could be spotted more easily.

But perhaps the Owen Jones article is not really about Thatcherites, nor indeed stalk-eyed people (if such individuals exist).  Perhaps Owen Jones is just genuflecting to the household gods of Labour mythology before he addresses his real target - Ed Balls and the complete lack of economic coherence in the Shadow Cabinet.  At least the Coalition has an economic policy that is distinct and integrated, whereas the Ed Balls position seems to be "me too, but I would do it slightly differently".

It is a theme echoed by Sunny Hundal in this article for a website called Liberal Conspiracy http://liberalconspiracy.org/2013/02/26/the-strange-death-of-labour-realists-who-predicted-osborne-would-reign-supreme/

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