Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nothing notable happened - the past week at work


Somehow the morning just trickled away.  Lots of urgent e-mails from Head Office, but I tended to put off dealing with them.  Very conscious that the Institute's AGM is only about eight weeks away and will decide all our futures.

In the afternoon the usual Management meeting and a lecture that we were not doing enough.


By train to Birmingham and when I arrived at New Street I walked the rest of the way to the Institute's small sub-office.  Bitterly cold day so that I regretted not getting a taxi.  Along Bristol Steet then a side turning and a low block of offices.

The Institute's office was on the top (second) floor of the building and was a long open-plan room with 1970s decor.  Peter Whitgift introduced me to everyone, seven staff.  We then had a meeting that lasted about two hours, discussing the Birmingham office's participation in the AGM ("We're sparking ideas off each other" said Peter Whitgift excitedly).

Afterwards I sat at a vacant desk and typed up my notes into a definite plan.

Leaving the office at 3.30 I walked back into the city centre and went into the Art Gallery (sturdy classical nudity, some stunning landscapes, an obsession with death).

At New Street I had some hot chocolate at Costa, and then into a bookshop where I spent £35 without really noticing what I was doing.


Apart from a debriefing meeting with Director Vijay Singh nothing notable happened today.


Most of the day spent preparing literature for tomorrow, and it occurred to me that I was doing exactly the same thing one year ago!


Sense of deja vu as I travelled to a west Midlands city for a specialist exhibition.  Development Manager Tim Watts drove the car, Telephone Surveys Manager Abi Reed also with us.  We arrived at 11.15.

One circuit of the exhibition and I had seen everything.  Our stand was small, but always seemed busy (it was "manned" by Abi's team).  There was nowhere to sit down and I grew weary from all the standing.

Fish and chips for lunch.

Vijay Singh was there, and in the afternoon we all went upstairs to a gallery that was mostly empty to have an impromptu meeting about the exhibition and what we had got out of it.

Leaving at 3pm, I slept most of the journey back.

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