Monday, February 04, 2013

Nationalisation policies are not possible within the EU

Although a majority are in favour of the renationalisation of the railway system this can never happen while the United Kingdom is a member of the EU as it is not allowed under the free movement of goods and services.

And yet anyone who looks at transport must conclude that state ownership of the railways is the most pragmatic solution.

This is the dirty little secret the left is not telling its supporters - nationalisation policies are not possible within the EU (thus post office, NHS, basic utilities all must eventually be opened up to competition).

Owen Jones this morning defended the role of the trade unions, and yet they are powerless to counter EU policies.  They are indeed effectively a dead movement.  When the wildcat strikes at Immingham broke out in 2009, protesting at the free movement of EU labour, they were led by individual shop stewards not the union leadership.

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