Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gerrymandered elections have no validity

Driving home this evening I listened to the PM programme on Radio 4 which had an item by Sima Kotecha looking at voting behaviour among BME communities.  Not surprisingly, the interviewees all said the Conservative party was "racist".  This is because of negative campaigning by the Labour party which encourages large-scale immigration, tells immigrants that they are "victims", and encourages them to vote Labour as their only protection against the "racist" Conservatives.

This is of course a gerrymandering racket, one that has been going on for several decades and is reaching an acute point where the votes allocated to BME immigrants are deciding the outcome in marginal parliamentary constituencies.

It is difficult to see what can be done about it.

Certainly for the Conservatives it would be self-defeating to try to out-bid Labour in buying the votes of BME communities.

All we can do is to assert that what is happening is an injustice, record what is happening as carefully and fully as possible (with names wherever practicable), and to seek to have the injustice corrected at some point in the future.

We must also bear in mind that gerrymandered elections have no validity; laws passed by governments elected by gerrymandered elections have no validity; and that it is morally acceptable to ignore legislation resulting from such a flawed electoral process.


Above:  here you can see the "racist" slur against the Conservatives in the form of a vandalised poster from the 2005 general election campaign - this was not an isolated incident but was very widespread and is still being promulgated today (Bonnie Greer recently reproduced an almost identical image on her Twitter site).

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