Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A report by BBC News Home Editor Mark Easton about the migration of "white" people

Above:  part of the post-Today discussion on Twitter with such luminaries as David Aaronovitch, Nick Cohen and Irtaza Hussain giving us their opinion.

A discussion on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning following a report by BBC News Home Editor Mark Easton about the migration of "white" people from inner London, resulting in the "indigenous" population of the capital becoming a minority for the first time (according to the 2011 Census).

After the Mark Easton report there was a studio "discussion" (sorry for all these inverted commas, language has become so oblique we really need new words for these concepts) between Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield and Oona King, Labour politician and former Head of Diversity at Channel 4.

Not surprisingly, they all agreed with each other that what has happened is entirely beneficial and that we are living in the best of all possible societies.

This may be true, this may be a pack of lies.

It is impossible to tell.

The reason it is impossible to tell is because under equalities legislation any organisation that is in receipt of public money is legally obliged to promote a positive view of diversity.  This is a legal obligation - the organisation could be prosecuted if it did not promote a positive view, and individuals dismissed from their jobs (and no doubt branded "racists" and thus become unemployable in the public sector).  So although the discussion was interesting, and Mark Easton's report was well-presented, we must reject it all as fundamentally unsound and tainted.

I am sure Mark Easton is a journalist of the highest possible integrity.  I am sure Danny Dorling is scrupulously accurate in his academic work.  But it would be expecting too much to ask them to put their heads above the "racist racist racist" parapet - and thus we must assume they have self-censored their work.

Oona King is, of course, a Labour politician and so obviously has a partisan view (which she was honest enough to declare during the programme).  Indeed, one of the aspects I would like to look at in the Census research is the way in which voting patterns have followed migration patterns.  Is there any correlation between the arrival of overseas migrants in wards and constituencies and the subsequent election of Labour Councillors and MPs?

One thought does occur to me - if the arrival of overseas migrants into London and their ascendacy to majority status is such a positive and beneficial process (as evidenced by the agreement-fest on the Today programme this morning) why do we need equalities legislation and heads of diversity and all the rest of the equalities panoply?

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