Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Understanding the B demographic 13

There is a significant difference in outlook between the older generations who are parochial, inward-looking, insula (families literally originating from islands in most cases) and the demographic which has a more global outlook - and has absorbed a Londoncentric view of the world.

The gulf in the minority community between those who have an adequate standard of living and those we can term deprived is greater than the same gulf in mainstream society (or in other words, "middle class" people in the minority community are relatively much wealthier than the community's "underclass" - the rich are comparatively richer and the poor are comparatively poorer).

Incomes of unskilled workers in the minority community have plummeted over the last decade, adding to the hopelessness the demographic expresses.

With traditional unskilled and semi-skilled employment disappearing, the demographic has shown entrepreneurial ability in creating alternative streams of income, although these are often bordering on legality or in some cases are actually illegal.

Almost all of the demographic interviewed knows someone in prison or who has recently served a prison sentence.

Equalities legislation has made no effective difference to their lives and they frequently refer to "slavery" as a way of describing their present state.

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