Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Understanding the B demographic 12

When considering whether assimilation might be possible, important to recognise that assimilation has already taken place in several key cultural aspects - in this the demographic is more advanced than their parents or grandparents.

Assimilation is more likely among young males than young females.

Is there a connection between the cultural output of the demographic (which is significant) and the negative behaviour the demographic is known for - violent, anti-social, criminal.

Need to understand why the demographic under-performs in terms of participation in society - is it simply a matter of discrimination; or lack of self-confidence; or is there another factor we should look at?

The demographic is so constituted as to act against the emergence of leaders other than at the very local level - this sense of localism is interesting as it indicates that individuals within the demographic are very strongly motivated by a sense of place (and perhaps indicates that the first organisation to offer a relevant kind of political leadership might succeed in prising the demographic away from the traditional political allegiance of the older generations).

Important to look at the cultural output of the demographic (music, video, fashion etc) as this indicates a dissatisfaction with the community they belong to and a desire for a new identity.

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