Friday, January 18, 2013

If it's good they will get landslide support, right?

Rather weasely editorial in the Independent today.

If immigration is so good, all the politicians have to do is put it in their manifestos and ask the electorate to vote for it.

If it's good they will get landslide support, right?

Except that immigration is good for big business which gets an endless supply of dirt-cheap throwaway workers.  And its good for the Labour party as it gets another million or so destitute outsiders it can sign up to their bloc vote gerrymandering.  But the rest of society is not so keen.

Stupid and ignorant remark by Mary Beard on last night's Question Time quoting a Boston Council report saying immigration in the town is beneficial - she obviously does not know that all public bodies have a statutory duty to report "diversity" in a positive way (in other words it would be against the law to say anything negative - which is why that law must be revoked so that people can discuss immigration honestly).

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