Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alex Salmond interviewed by Sarah Montague

I listened to Alex Salmond interviewed by Sarah Montague on the Today programme this morning.  As a unionist (both big and small U) I hope Scotland stays within the United Kingdom.  However this will not happen without intelligent arguments from the pro-union politicians.

The answer to the "the case is unarguable" is to develop coherent arguments, not this silly yah-boo response from Ann McGuire MP - unfortunately Anne McGuire and her party are failing to argue effectively against the SNP (as anyone who has watched the Scottish Parliament debates on the Parliament Channel can testify). 

Emily Thornberry MP is being disingenuous here.  The EU is a bully, and like most bullies they will back down when confronted.  If Alex Salmond were to be successful in winning a Yes to the independence referendum then he is quite right to suggest that all sorts of backstairs deals, secret huddles, and clandestine arrangements would ensue - this would be quite separate from the public posturing for public consumption.

Sundar Katwala seems unaware that in tests of public opinion in Scotland a majority would favour leaving the EU.

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