Monday, December 10, 2012

Understanding the B demographic 6

The demographic is aggrieved with the obsessive way the older generations focus their attention on equality rights - a struggle they regard as irrelevant when compared to the more acute issues in their lives.

The demographic is aware they possess a cultural power, particularly through music (and also to a lesser extent film and poetry), but is uncertain how to use that power.

The demographic resents the automatic association made between their generation and anti-social behaviour.

Immense frustration at the inability to break free from the constraints of poverty.

Although the demographic has achieved a certain degree of solidarity, this feeling of brotherhood is based on a celebration of negative attributes (anti-education, derogatory towards woman, celebratory of criminal lifestyles) that most of them privately admit they do not subscribe to.

The demographic is openly contemptuous of community leaders and community workers who try to influence their behaviour.

The young B demographic is:  male, age groups 18-25 and 26-34 (and possibly 35-44 but this is to be confirmed); socio-economic groups C2, D, E; geographic location urban, particularly inner city.

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