Sunday, December 30, 2012

Understanding the B demographic 11

The demographic has no communal allegiance, and when asked to choose will consistently affirm that personal interest is more important than community advantage.

Body language is an area that could be studied - "attitude".

Personal ethics, and a sense of self-awareness, are not provided within a family or school context but are absorbed from popular culture (advertising, music videos, fashion etc).

In its celebration of "self first", in its cult of individual expression, and in its obsession with materialist goods the demographic can be described as archetypal Thatcherite (although they are unconscious of this fact).

The demographic defines itself almost entirely in capitalist terms, ironic given their exclusion from participation in capitalism.

The demographic has an odd attitude towards privacy and their lifestyles seem entirely designed for the public sphere to the point that they become someone else when not in public (perhaps I am expressing this badly - I mean that they cease to be the same person, perhaps even suffer a negation of personality, when not in their peer group).

The young B demographic is:  male, age groups 18-25 and 26-34 (and possibly 35-44 but this is to be confirmed); socio-economic groups C2, D, E; geographic location urban, particularly inner city.

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