Friday, December 28, 2012

Understanding the B demographic 10

One of the most striking characteristics of the demographic is that almost all of them are worse-off than their parents - possibly this contributes to the inter-generational hostility.

On the whole the demographic does not seem to have any regional variations - in this sense they have developed a pan-British identity.

Atheism is not a part of their weltanschauung - these are people who still seem to have a nominal Christian affiliation, although the interpretation may be unorthodox and tend towards a vague spirituality.

Frequent references to the experiences they face in everyday life, this reality being expressed as harsher and more intractable than the semi-mythical "struggles" faced by older generations.

The demographic repeatedly defines itself by reference to music, music video and fashion.

Mention of the Equality and Human Rights Commission is met with derision.

The young B demographic is:  male, age groups 18-25 and 26-34 (and possibly 35-44 but this is to be confirmed); socio-economic groups C2, D, E; geographic location urban, particularly inner city.

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