Monday, December 10, 2012

Rascals - Fire Blaze

And nah it won't change and no you cannot relate
Cah my world's different, a new day a new wave

"Rascals against the world" - signifies alienation but also the defiant elan of a closed community.


Drinking up whatever's in my cup
And we live it up cause it feels right
Rip him up if he's spitting tough
And we'll hit him up cause we kill guys
Physically or mentally



We running London town
We'll raise the underground
Nah fool you ain't f*cking with a Rascal

Hooded youths with baseball bats running through smoke - perhaps a reference to the riots of 2011 which was a momentous time for the demographic and one of the few occasions when it was able to intrude into the consciousness of the mainstream culture.

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