Monday, December 31, 2012

A wonderful difference to my health

Looking back over 2012, there have been many (mostly small) personal discoveries and innovations that have made my life better.

Nescafe Gold Crema coffee powder for instance.  Or Kiwi Express Shine shoe polish pads.  Or (a discovery made in the last couple of weeks) Christmas tree lights that run off small batteries rather than mains electricity (having three badly-behaved cats in the house, there is at least one incident per Christmas when they pull the tree over, risking the Sitting Room going up in flames if faulty electrics come into contact with soft furnishings).

However the greatest discovery of 2012 has to be camomile tea.  For years I have suffered with poor sleep, lying awake in the dark for hours and then having to get up and go to work feeling exhausted.  Now I simply drink a cup of camomile tea and I immediately fall asleep.  So intense is this effect that I often wake up with my head on the pillow in the same place as when I lay down.  No more occasions in the night when I wake suddenly.  And I have so many dreams now.

So thank you Twinings tea company - this has made a wonderful difference to my health and happiness.

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