Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who will pay for the baby boomers

Progress (one of the more lively of Labour think-tanks) is asking who will pay for the baby boomers.  This is predicated on the supposed demographic shortfall in future taxpayers.  This in turn is ignoring the fact that future (smaller) generations will gain an inheritance windfall from dying "boomers" as more assets go to fewer children and will have more money to pay higher taxes.

But assuming Progress is right to scaremonger about a "demographic timebomb" they are overlooking the fact that cloning technology is available to close the gap (and will certainly be used by countries such as China to solve their own demographic shortfalls).

This is not to endorse the Frankenstein science of cloning - I am absolutely opposed to it.

But in an irreligious society where secularism is triumphant all morality will become relative and thus cloning will be made palatable.

Unlikely the Anglican Church will be able to stand against it.  As the women bishops episode demonstrates, the Church of England is under almost overwhelming pressure from secularists.  And if the Anglican Church, with all the state powers and privileges behind it, is unable to stand against secularism there is little hope for less influential groups such as Roman Catholics or Muslims.

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