Saturday, November 17, 2012

We intend to create one complete database - the past week at work


General meeting this morning at which the Institute's Director Vijay Singh warned us that Head Office is watching us and looking to see if we made a slip (which is ironic given the nature of much of our work).

All the morning I spent on accounts - raising requests for purchase orders, checking quotes, filing old documents.

Embarrasing realisation that I should have been at a course in London today.  I had completely forgotten.  Luckily I was able to book myself on the same course in December, so no real harm done.  


A meeting with Marcia Walsh (Deputy Director) and John Johnson (IT) to discuss database integration.  They were quite respectful and listened to what I had to say, which made a change.  Rather than many different databases of opinion-formers we intend to create one complete database.

Scandal unfolding about attacks on Head Office by a former chief executive.


Not a great deal for me to report on at the management meeting.

I have begun to prepare a supplement, time-consuming but a major step forward.


On the way home from work I stopped in the village to vote in the PCC elections.  At first I thought I had gone to the wrong place as the playing field pavilion, where the polling booth is located, was deserted.  No cars, no people.  I went into the pavilion - creaking wooden floor, large area that doubles as a bar on match days, wall covered with photos of football teams (also black marks that looked as if numerous footballs had been kicked against the wall over the years).  Two polling staff gave me a voting slip and explained how I had a first and second preference.  I only voted for one candidate (Conservative).


I asked Vijay Singh about the former chief executive of Head Office and he told me:  "The slanging match has reached a point where I will have to walk away from it."

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