Saturday, May 26, 2012

How mundane the work really is - the past week at work


First thing in my mind when I arrived at the office was the delay in delivery of the publication.  I was very cool to Larry F, MD of the printing company, when he arrived to apologise in person.  Reading between the lines I gathered that the first printing had gone horribly wrong and had to be junked.

Otherwise the day was quiet.

In the afternoon an internal discussion about the future of the Post Office.

News that Alec Nussbaum at Head Office had "resigned" on a matter of principle but had been persuaded to withdraw his resignation.  This was dispiriting for the Institute's Director Vijay Singh as it means that our "sister organisation" regards Alec Nussbaum as indispensable.  As Alec Nussbaum intends to add the Institute to his empire this is an indication that he may well win the battle.


Rather fruitless morning spent searching for information on Google.

Then organising name badges for an exhibition, a tedious task that involved many e-mails and telephone calls.  The Institute is often accused of masterminding nefarious campaigns.  If only our critics could see how mundane the work really is!

One cannot help but notice (however much one is determined not to notice) the office romance that has developed between IT & Accounts clerk John Johnson and temp Kayla.  They spend the whole day talking to each other, John J leaning up against the Reception desk where Kayla sits.  The 'phone now rings for ages before Kayla answers it (at one point Vijay Singh came out of his office and looked pointedly at the Reception desk).

When I got back from lunch I found that the publication had been delivered.  However an insert that is to go with them was so poorly printed that it will have to be done again.  More delays.


To Head Office in London.  I was early and went to an Italian cafe for half an hour, tall dusky waiters in white aprons and white shirts milling around as I wrote up notes over a cup of coffee.  Lovely warm day.

At Head Office I represented the Institute as Kathy W from the Head Office PR department presented the overall PR plan for the combined organisation.  Other departments sat in on the presentation and a number of vicious remarks were made about Kathy W's pedestrian reliance on case studies and lack of imagination.  When called upon to speak I made a point of saying that the plan was thorough and professional.

Afterwards I went along with most of the others to lunch at a local pub.  Dull conversation and indigestible sandwiches.  I left as soon as I could.


Horrible intractable day spent sorting out problems with the publication.  Sections that Lois Cooper had written were inaccurate, but as Lois Cooper is ill with cancer it seems unacceptable to publicly blame her.  Other inaccuracies are in sections written by Vijay Singh, but it is impossible to publicly blame our Director, although privately I made sure he knew what he had done. 

Therefore there was no option but to allow people to think I was responsible.


I sent an e-mail to the Head of Media Relations at Head Office praising Kathy W's presentation on Wednesday (she might be a useful ally in the future). 

The rest of the morning spent raising purchase orders.

The admin team put up bunting in the office, £3 for five metres from the Co-Op.

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