Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dishonest debate that is circulating in the media

Although I come from a working class family (I was born in Weedington Road in Kentish Town and my family lived for generations in Limehouse and Bethnal Green) I have no grudge against "toffs".  I knew David Cameron was a "toff" before I voted Conservative in the last election and despite all the Labour invective against "toffs" I will probably vote for his party next time.  My contempt is reserved for those "socialists" who hide their public school and Oxbridge backgrounds and try to act out being a class they are not.

My view is:  better the toffs you know than the ones you don't.

There was a ridiculous debate on Newsnight yesterday focussing on whether David Cameron knew the price of a Cornish pastie in Greggs.  Despite my working class origins I did not know the price of a Cornish pastie in Greggs until I bought one earlier today.  The cost was £1-40 (and it was lukewarm).

In any case I thought fattening foods like Greggs pastries were going to be taxed more to tackle the obesity epidemic?

Another dishonest debate that is circulating in the media is the fuel tanker drivers' threatened strike.


How is it possible for agency staff to undercut existing drivers by £9,000?  Presumably the agencies are using migrants from Poland.  And yet this is not reported in the media or challenged by the Unite union - the union's ideological myopia will prevent them challenging migration, no matter what damage it does to their members' true interests.

Which is why the union leaders are part of the problem.

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