Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Above:  the ramparts of the hilltop town were sheer, with no safety barriers.  If you slipped you would go right over.  People must fall over all the time.

Above:  the west front of Amiens cathedral (toured in the company of philistines).

Above:  Le Touquet in the evening.  In a local restaurant the menu was in French, but had a brief line in English underneath each choice.  I liked the sound of stuffed marrows and so ordered this vegetarian option.  A plate of long bones was brought to me, split open to reveal the cooked marrow.  I have seldom been so nauseated.  Everybody laughed.

Above:  in search of crusaders we went into the abbey church.

Above:  in a side aisle was a case of reliqueries.  Among the withered fingers and drops of congealed blood was a long-bone wrapped in silver but partially revealed.  All the nausea of Le Touquet returned.

La France profonde.

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