Monday, July 04, 2011

Nick Boles MP

If you want to understand society you have to look at the political process.  There is no avoiding this, however much you might dislike party politics.  To understand how politics works you have to look at politicians (there is no such thing as party politics there are only politicians to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher).

Above:  Nick Boles is MP for Grantham & Stamford, replacing Quentin Davies (who has "bounced back" as a member of the House of Lords, despite being mired in the expenses scandal).  Nick Boles MP is supposedly an influential figure in the Conservative half of the Coalition government, being founder of the Policy Exchange think tank and currently a member of the Henry Jackson Society.  Recently he published his political thoughts in a book entitled Which Way Is Up?

Above:  on the whole I thought the book was lightweight.  There were some interesting ideas, but they were not properly developed and the arguments tested from more than one viewpoint.  Slightly too pleased with himself.

Above: (screenshot) a few weeks back I watched Daily Politics on BBC2 and Nick Boles popped up.  This appearance confirmed my view that Nick Boles was a superficial person without depth or gravitas.  I'm afraid I thought "silly public school twit" (this is not to be partisan - I think the same of Tristram Hunt MP, and political dynasties such as the Benns and the Prescotts disgust me more than you can possibly imagine).

Above:  Nick Boles' offices in a small town in the middle of his constituency.  If he genuinely wanted to develop a distinctive political ideology that resonated with the people he is supposed to be representing he should study them more assiduously.  There is no need for fancy think tanks and Notting Hill cabals - everything he needs to know can be found in this small town.

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