Monday, June 28, 2010

Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet

Too ill to go into the office today, but I managed to answer my e-mails by a remote connection. Feeling better, and no longer have a headache or feel sick. Have slept for about fifty percent of the last three days.

When I have not been sleeping I have been reading Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet. I am half-way through Justine. I imagine Justine as a Lady Gaga figure.

The book was a gift - I'm not sure I would have bought it (mainly because it is 860 pages long, and I don't really have the time to read books this long).

The novels are suffused with references to Cavafy, and Durrell seems to be aiming to reproduce in prose form the longueurs of Cavafy's poetry.

"Anything pressed too far becomes a sin."

"Evil is good perverted."

"...the long bereft Greek face, with its sane Grecian nose and candid eyes, the satiny skin that is given only to the thymus-dominated, the mole upon her slender stalk of a neck."

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