Sunday, July 05, 2009

Village show

Another village show, like all the other shows put on before it (except that the background music was different, Sophie Ellis Bexter's Heartbeat Make Me A Dancer proving to be the sound of the 2009 summer

Above: there was a flypast by a Dakota, a Spitfire and other historic aircraft.

Above: in the main marquee the cauliflowers were ranked in strict accordance to the Rules.

Above: the prize-winning cabbages glistened with self-satisfaction.

Above: the prize-winning broad beans were artfully arranged in swirls.

Above: security was more interested in looking at the pretty girls than guarding our fine farm produce from sinister enemy attack (even here we must be alert to the shadowy forces that, we are told, constantly threaten us).

Above: old codgers dressed in tweed rode antique bicycles around the central ring.

Above: they were watched by young lovers.

Above: a school band marched up and down playing popular tunes.

Above: they were watched by young lovers.

Above: a local dog training group put on a display (including a very naughty Yorkshire terrier).

Above: they were watched by young families (note the Basset hound pointedly looking the other way).

Above: it began to rain and so I went into the poultry marquee and had a very interesting talk about the rearing of game birds.

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