Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Black tea made from the tips of the plant

There was a report on the Today Programme this morning that tea drinking in the United Kingdom is declining. They also said that "other" teas are rising in popularity (camomile, rosehip etc). I think probably the reason tea drinking is in decline is that it doesn't really fit into a fast lifestyle. Tea from vending machines tastes horrible, so most people would prefer to select coffee (still tastes horrible, but not as nasty as machine-made tea). I guess very few workplaces these days would allow employees to make tea in the traditional way.

When I was in America there seemed to be a lot of confusion about what exactly "tea" is, and I was continuously being offered Russian teas, mentholated teas, Earl-bloody-Grey teas. Luke-warm, too much milk, tea leaves floating on the top. Because I was accepting hospitality, I didn't dare complain.

In London when people refer to "tea" they mean tea from India (or Sri Lanka or Kenya). Black tea made from the tips of the plant. And it has to be made properly.
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